Blog of the Year – 2013

Al of  A Mixed Bag  insisted that I should put up a Blog of the Year 2013 Award on my own blog, so here it is:

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

Again rules apply and I can nominate an unlimited number of bloggers. Having just received two other awards in a single day I will limit my choice to a single blogger – WildSherkin. The reasons for this are as follows:

1. My first follower and has been with me every step of the way since, providing encouragement throughout my time here in 2013

2. Did a brilliant collaboration with me called “Weeping“. Superb writing and so fantastic to work with

3. Her blog is full of creativity and honesty and provides a good variety of material.

There is one major catch to this; WildSherkin doesn’t accept awards. So this trail will end here for now, though I hope one or two of you may go over and see why she most definitely deserves such an accolade. Of course, don’t tell her as she may not be best pleased with me! And of Course, cheers Al of  A Mixed Bag.

Thanking everyone of you out there for providing inspiration, support and a bit of humour too!

Meticulous Mick 🍀

21 thoughts on “Blog of the Year – 2013

  1. Excellent and diplomatic response, MM. I’m following wildsherkin too and agree with all you said. So, congrats to you both – you guys (and others) keep me in touch with everything I love about Ireland.


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