View of Shandon Tower

In the tower of the 18th century St Anne’s Church in Shandon, hang the Shandon Bells and visitors can try to ring a tune out of them. However, while the tower stands on a hill, getting a decent photograph isn’t always easy as it stands crowded by narrow streets and houses. Normally I would see the salmon weather vane from below, on the Mallow Road or the city centre.

Going on a wander near Collins’ Barracks I was lead to a small green area on a separate hill which gave me the best view of this Cork landmark that I have come across to date. Conditions were not great for taking pictures, but here is a picture converted to black and white  of the tower. Fingers crossed the weather will be better next time.

The Tower of the Famous Shandon Bells.
The Tower of the Famous Shandon Bells.

In a previous post, Shandon you can get another view of the tower and environs, while my stumble upon the area is highlighted in Coronation Street in Cork.

10 thoughts on “View of Shandon Tower

      1. Don’t be sorry, just remember that when you do comment it is a treat and I really appreciate it. If I have no interest in something I am wasting my breath in commenting. Hope the week is being good to you, MM 🍀


  1. Great picture, Mick. Only five minutes ago I was attempting to photograph our village church tower, minus the weather cock which blew down this week. Same problem, it’s on a hill. My photo is rubbish.


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