Autumn Fruits – Sweet

From Horse we move on to the Sweet Chestnut. You know, the type you put into a roaster which gets thrust into the coals of a fire. Or you buy on the street corner at christmas in a paper cone. In peeling them they get juggled from hand to hand before a splash of salt is added and they are ready to eat. Just like the brussel sprout, they almost seem to be confined to Christmas. In the park, green spike balls can be seen a plenty on the ground and in the trees. This particular specimen was the only one I saw where the shell had split back to reveal the dusted fruit inside.

Bursting Out
Bursting Out

9 thoughts on “Autumn Fruits – Sweet

  1. Oh yes . Markets ..The Michaelmas Fair … all warmly wrapped up and a little bag of these in mittened hands !
    Seen quite a few unsplit ones lying around on my local walk already MM .


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