Autumn Fruits – Acorn III

So after a couple of pleas to publish the third Acorn picture, here it is. This post is especially for DalesDelectables and Social Bridge. I would be interested to see how this rates compares to the other posts, Acorn I and Acorn II. Please let me know by way of comment.

Last of the Trilogy
Last of the Trilogy

17 thoughts on “Autumn Fruits – Acorn III

  1. I keep going back and forth between the shots – I is lovely, II is interesting with the more muted tones and leaves, but III is my favorite for the vibrant color and sharp contrast between the acorn and its surroundings. Plus, its arrangement is perfect.


  2. I kept flipping between I, II and III and let me tell you, they are all beautiful…. Methinks, though, this is my favourite!


      1. Shant be too long though the day is so glorious at a balmy 24C, I find myself spending more time basking in the sun than writing!


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