30 thoughts on “You

  1. Here in Africa people are particularly awful about littering – it makes me so angry and sad and frustrated at the same time. We have the most beautiful country and so many people throw things out of their car windows and just don’t care. Love the poem _ I think you should continue trying your hand at it – we are all potential poets I believe – its in there just waiting to be birthed


    1. I don’t normally write either. Not happy with 2nd line of 2nd verse but I think it reflects what I was trying to say. The trouble is I am sure this is not the right audience….Thanks for commenting Know-All. MM πŸ€


  2. For me this image is very sad for it highlights the thoughtless hedonism that seems to be so popular in our times and your words properly punctuate and “beautifully” highlight the reality of such ugliness to which we are all becoming numb – perhaps it is this self centered, self indulgent attitude that is so pervasive is actually the root of the problem – disrespect has sadly become the norm – disrespect for others, disrespect for our Mother the Earth, and ultimately, even disrespect for our own selves –
    Thanks for the post and the reminder which we all need no matter how conscious we may strive to be – just where is that vague undefined place, “away” when we discard our unwanted things? It can be no other place than in our own home, the very bosom of our Mother. Indeed, look at what “you” or rather we have started…. do we see it? If so, what are you/me/we doing about it?


    1. About 2 days later I entered the park and there was another Coke can with the word ‘Me” instead of “You”. I think that covers all of us. I fully agree with your comments. I think we need to make sure we try to speak up more and do our own bit by re-cycling etc. Each and every one of us. The planet is being raped, MM πŸ€


  3. We have an old commercial here in Canada where a car is driving along a curvy road and out the window they throw a tray of fast food garbage; the next scene is an old Indian sitting atop his horse and tears stream down his face. It always affected me and to see people trashing their own home is beyond me.

    A friend of mine went to Japan years ago and was blown away by the cleanlliness. He asked a woman about the lack of graffitti and she looked at him askance. “Why would we destroy what is ours?” He said there was not even a cigarette butt to be found anywhere…

    We’ve a ways to go, I fear….


  4. Your end verse resonates.

    What is it in us that makes the “virus spread”? Could it be that as we create our default future, however ugly and imperfect it may be, we act and behave in a manner to make it come true?



  5. I vaguely remember visiting Singapore around 1975 and there was a $500 fine for dropping rubbish (if I remember rightly) – worked well.
    Perhaps councils should spread the word.


      1. Yes, I guess you are right (in the policing), MM.

        Plaster is off my arm and I can use it freely (so the fracture clinic Dr said yesterday), but will be 10-14 days before the bruising and pain dissipates. I just started typing again tonight, but I think it will be quite a few days/weeks before I can hold anything really heavy. Hope to go out walking with my tiny P & S Powershot camera in the next week or so. I notice the bluebells are out in full bloom when I walked to the hospital yesterday, so I daresay I am missing lots of lovely fresh Spring flowers, MM.


    1. Too sad, but too true Harsha. Society is becoming more and more a disposable society. It’s cheaper to get a new item than get it repaired these days. How good in reality is that? We just end up consuming more…….Thanks for commenting, πŸ€


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