The Darker side of The Quarry

In a number of posts I have highlighted the miracle of nature and how it can bring beauty to an old desolate site, in this case the old quarry (for an example see the post Quarry Gallery). However, these posts may have left a rose-tinted view to the quarry, so here I show you it’s darker side.

This dark side is inevitably provided by man and his careless treatment of this precious planet.

I didn’t realise how many pictures I would take of the quarry when I started this blog in May 2013. Given a clean up operation is anticipated soon, I thought I should make a new category simply called ‘The Quarry‘. Why not check this out to see the brighter side of the quarry – nature fighting back!

10 thoughts on “The Darker side of The Quarry

  1. I don’t know what happened, but I feel there is a generation that somehow missed out on learning decent manners and respect for nature, public spaces, other people’s property, indeed, other people! Schools can do their bit and kids can embarrass their parents into doing better IMO. Great shots – all human life is there (unfortunately).


  2. Easy to forget seeing these that we were created to be stewards of this planet and everything in it. So sad. Delighted to hear about the cleanup. All this is creating a desire to take up a camera again.


  3. What a shame that such a mess is made of beautiful things by people who obviously don’t think about they are doing or just simply don’t care. Glad a cleanup is getting underway so the area can be enjoyed as much as the other side.


      1. I see–I misunderstood. I thought it was opposite sides of the quarry. Either way, it is a downright shame what has been done to it. I’ve seen the same thing over here too. People are too lazy to properly dispose of things – they just throw them where they please.


  4. It is saddening and maddening to see the utter mess people desecrate our planet with. One can only think their minds must just as trashed as the trash, and worse, they leave behind. It’s no wonder nature fights back and has some of willing to help.


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