Avalanches of Gold

In camping in the Namibian desert near Sossusvlei, we got to see both the sunset and sunrise in this most extraordinary of places. The dunes themselves were of many colours but when day turned into night the dunes seemed to burn particularly bright. A glow almost emanated from them. To sit and just watch the changing colours, shifts in the sand and the stretching shadows was utterly absorbing.

The area may look barren but there is plenty of beauty to behold.

Avalanches of Gold

11 thoughts on “Avalanches of Gold

  1. beautiful – the desert has always been one of my favorite places to visit and explore – only those who haven’t been there or are too preoccupied to slow down and really see the beauty around them think of it as “barren” or a just wasteland for in the desert the processes of nature are in a constant dynamic motion and the light is like nowhere else – and in the desert I am humbled and inspired by the sheer tenacity of life – thanks – more please


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