Bounty from the Hedgerow

Or in this case, the Quarry.  The nights are starting to shorten little by little. There is a little chill in the air, the leaves are turning colour and starting to rattle along the pathways, curled inward as if protecting themselves. The seasons are changing and soon we will be blessed with autumn golds and russet reds. There is something magic in being able to behold such changes.

And of course, nature provides a harvest. Just as stores of fat are having to be built up for the winter, nature’s bounty can be seen aplenty. In this case blackberries are highlighted, the key ingredient to many a fruit pie, crumble, cobbler and a mainstay of the slightly oddly named “Summer” Pudding. So take a punnett, grab a sweater and get a free dessert from the hedgerow.


While on the subject of blackberries,  I would like to direct you to a post by Safia from “Top of the Tent“, which features the poem “Blackberry Picking” by Seamus Heaney, the Irish poet who sadly passed away last Friday. For this post she requested an image be provided and I am glad to say I could respond, hopefully adequately.  Out of this I have now created a “Collaborations” page on my blog and would be delighted to receive ideas and requests in order to undertake further collaborative posts. So check out “Blackberry Picking” and my own page “Collaborations“.

8 thoughts on “Bounty from the Hedgerow

  1. Hi Mick, I just love fruit and fruit that is free how can you beat that 🙂 My Dad always used to tell us when we are were much younger “to wash the fruit before you eat it”. But with wild strawberries and blackberries half the fun was eating them as we picked them 🙂

    Best wishes


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