Redemption of the Sage

After having to pillory The Sage for his dastardly deeds and his slowness to honour the bet, I have to now take it all back and pay him one big tribute. Firstly the bet was paid promptly (ish)  and he did come clean on his episode of cheating.

In returning from my holiday he then presents me with a  40 cm/16 inch whopper of a cucumber. I thought we’d struggle on this front, but The Sage’s ingenuity and ability to fashion housing from all sorts of materials has really paid off here. Just in case you don’t believe me, check out the picture below.

The Sage Makes Amends
The Sage Makes Amends

I will be heading up to the plot on Monday, first time since end July, but The Sage has been bringing supplies up to the City for ourselves. He really is trying to get back his good name.

Have a good Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Redemption of the Sage

  1. Ahaaaa! But does that big cucumber taste good?

    Usually big things are bitter or dry.

    Small veggies have the sweetest taste and juiciest texture.


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