Cahirmee Horses

Just a couple of photographs to kick off the Saturday taken on 12th July up at Buttevant where the Cahirmee Horse Fair took place in the town centre, on the main Cork – Limerick Road. Only in Ireland…

The first picture depicts a rather laid back sales man with a string of horses and the second a cluster of horses with men in the street. In the days of the Celtic Tiger many thought the event was outdated and should cease, but I expect that many in the town now are glad of a bit of a boost that this fair provides for local businesses. Enjoy.

Selling Casual Style - Cahirmee Fair
Selling Casual Style – Cahirmee Fair
Horses for Sale at Cahirmee Fair
Horses for Sale at Cahirmee Fair

8 thoughts on “Cahirmee Horses

  1. I like that you used both black and white and color to show different interactions between the horses and people at the fair. These images are visually interesting. I enjoyed taking a few minutes to explore the details of each one. Thanks for your commentary also.


    1. I am pleased to know that you enjoyed the images (and the commentary). This year’s fair will now be on Monday 14th in Buttevant, North Cork, Ireland. I’ll be there 😃


  2. The shots are really different…the close proximity of the people to the horses and the matter of fact expressions makes it look like everyone is moving along in a rather routine kind of day ..yet I can’t help but wonder whose “personal” space is being invaded…


  3. More lovely shots, MM.
    (and how lucky were you to catch all those different horse colours in the one frame).


    1. Lucky? You should have seen the effort that went in to it. No but seriously, I loved the line up of different colours the horses provided hence this shot is in colour. Have had a tough time trying to decide which ones are better suited to colour and which to B&W. Thanks for commenting. MM


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