The Promise of Fruit to Come

It may not look much now, but another of nature’s gifts starts right here in the hedgerows and the scrub land. Take a walk in a further couple of months and I would hope to see plenty of blackberries hanging off the briars and all for free. A splash of rain, a sparkle in the baubles of the blackberry and a decent photo opportunity awaits along with something to add to the apple pies.

The Promise of Fruit to Come
The Promise of Fruit to Come

10 thoughts on “The Promise of Fruit to Come

  1. There is no fruit pie or cobbler that I more enjoy, than blackberry. From early childhood days, I fondly remember picking supple berries in their summer’s abundance. I miss those days as the High Desert is less than a welcoming environment for their flourish. Thanks, much, for rekindling fond memories!


  2. MMmmmmmmmm.
    Blackberry & Apple Pie
    Blackberry & Apple Sponge & cream
    Blackberry & Appie Jam
    Blackberry Icecream
    Blackberry Sorbet
    Blackberry Sauce & Icecream
    Blackberry & Apple Fool

    …………..the list goes on.


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