Another Award II

It’s getting a bit like scouts here, with one arm starting to fill up with badges, all of a different design I am glad to say. This latest award is the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” and I am still wondering how I got chosen, but would really like to thank Ashton Manswell for this nomination which after checking that it was not a spoof, I have gladly accepted. So here is the award pictorially:


So thank you Ashton and why not go and see what this generous man has been up to at A Soul driven Mind where you can learn how to find inspiration from within.

As usual the acceptance of an award comes with the onus of responsibility of nominating other bloggers considered worthy of this award. In this case I have to choose 15 that I deem to fit the bill. Additionally I must thank Ashton for the nomination, incorporate a link to his blog and include this award on my own blog (tick box to all three). So in no particular order these are the bloggers that I nominate:

Goethalsart – Belgian based Goethalsart can come up with some very different images and simply begs one to try and experiment a bit. 📷

Big Ganga – I have chosen Big Ganga for a couple of reasons, firstly his comments have been very uplifting and I thank him for that but mainly because the pictures of his son are just draw-droppingly brilliant and exude the love and tenderness he clearly has for him. So a big hand to the big man who inspires such tenderness. 💪

Joan Frankham – The title of Joan’s blog is “Retirement and Beyond” and this is one lady that is determined to live life to the full and share experiences with others. Another great commentator too! 🍀

Dnikias – I have previously nominated dnikias for an award and I just love how he has an eye to capture the very, very mundane and turn it into something very interesting. A great example of his work is New Wall🏢

Victoriaaphotography – Victoria encourages and provides tips and despite not being able to get out as much as she would like, ensures that she is fully engaged and in touch with the world around her through her own blog. Some pretty nice damn photos to boot too. Well done Vicki, just waiting for you to use that new zoom of yours. 📷 😉

Marci Wise – A bit more of a professional blog with sales in mind, but I have to say I agree with a lot of it and Marci has been good enough to respond to my own comments. Looking for enlightenment and inspiration then this is worth checking out. Thank you Marci.

BrownPaperbelle – Jessica has the most adorable looking blog site and comes up with some good recipes to try. It all looks so tempting to the extent that I am inspired to get in the kitchen, and not just to eat the results of the baking.  Thanks Jessica.

Northumbrian Light – Deserves it for his latest offerings of an old series of B&W photos alone. However, this is more than just a man behind the camera, this is a great commentator too and inspires others to take that extra step (hopefully forward).  👍

Travelling with Murphy – only recently started following this blog but am really enjoying it (possibly as she is currently in one of my favourite countries – Portugal). Given up the lot to simply go travelling. How inspiring is that? 🌏

M5Son – Mike has a great blog full of wonderful photos and flowing words. Be uplifted, be inspired, go visit. 🏃

SeaBlueDreaming – Very unusual images that make you think. One of my all time (Ok in 2 months) favourite blogs, though has not posted in a while. Treat yourself, go venture over and be inspired, very inspired. 🌊

Beauty Along the Road – Quite simply making the ordinary extraordinary, something I aspire to myself. This kind of blog just makes you want to go out and see all the great that is in the world, however small each piece may be. Love it. 🌍

Let it come from the heart A blog of great pictures, fruit you feel like reaching into the screen to help yourself to eat and precious words to go with it. Inspiring stuff Aisling.

This Man’s Journey – I would ask you to just go and read this man’s about page and tell me you are not inspired from that alone! Just do it. 🏃

Marissa Riback – Have to admit that I have ignored the making money bit, this girl is a bit nervous and heading over to Israel by herself, but she is doing it. She also puts up some great pictures with simple phrases that just strike a chord. So check it out, it’s inspiring. 🙏

Thanks to all bloggers that I follow for sharing your own inspirations, thoughts, writings, art, photos etc. It is appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Another Award II

  1. This is awesome! Not only because being “inspiring” is wonderful – but also because it helps to make others aware of all the great, motivational sites that are out there. I’m proud and humbled to be included. Thanks so much and I will pass on the love! 🙂


  2. I am very moved MM. Not by the nomination, your words. The fact the you have recognized my feelings and motivation behind the images of my son, has honored not only myself, but ultimately NIco. You are a fine, enlightened spirit Sir. Your blog simply overflows with honesty and compassion. I feel lucky to have the opportunity, to experience a perspective such as yours.

    Rohan (BG)


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