The Old Church Window

The Old Church Window

For this window the light shines from both sides. Taken in the ruin of Rathbarry Church, West Cork

11 thoughts on “The Old Church Window

  1. You’re at it again! Gray stone ruins, lancet windows – these always speak to my soul. The only thing that could improve this shot for me is some purple flowers against the stone… Thanks!


  2. These ruins are so appealing: I think especially so for those of us who live in the “New World”. Some friends of mine used to have a property in Wales with the ruins of a 12th century chapel on it. I used to stand in the disused roadway in front of it and think about all the people passing by over the centuries. It was quite a feeling.


  3. Yes, it is all at the alter end of the Church and makes it all the more interesting for it. Will look to put up a gallery tomorrow with my other shots of the church. MM β›ͺ


  4. Interesting that the painted frieze is still there (on the right side of the frame) – wouldn’t one think the weather would have erased it over time.


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