Start and End

Start and End

This photograph is taken at the car park at the western end of Long Strand near Castlefreke and Rathbarry. In the photograph you can see the ruined church of Rathbarry which featured in the post Rathbarry Church, while to the left are the old pines depicted in Dizzying Heights.

This point is the normal start and end point of the Castlefreke walk, a looped walk that starts by taking in the sandy beach of Long Strand before turning over the dunes backing the beach to head inland. Stonechats are normally seen chirping from the top of posts and brambles as one walks alongside a lough before heading up through a lovely sheltered valley. Options ahead include taking in the woods by Castlfreke and the ruined Rathbarry Church before the path returns to the starting point via the tall pines. It’s a walk that I would like to do a photo series on taking in the main features. Not sure the Wife and The Hound would have the patience for all the stopping and photographing mind.

Well I hope you enjoy the scene, I know it is a bit of a postcard as opposed to a serious photograph but I feel there is something pleasant enough to include it here. Perhaps I am being indulgent once more, but then again it is MY blog.

P.S. Must thank my sister for originally finding this walk even though she doesn’t live in the country….

2 thoughts on “Start and End

  1. Looks like a lovely place for a walk. Put a camera in the Wife’s hand and a ball in the Hound’s mouth and I’m sure they indulge you in a few stops for photography.

    (I’m always telling people that it’s their blog and you can do anything you like on your own blog).


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