The Eggs have Hatched

As the brambles grow and spread their limbs above the compost heap, the nest of the spotted flycatcher gets more and more camouflaged. However, there is no denying the increased activity of the parent birds as they skit to and from the nest to feed their new arrivals. It appears that all five eggs have safely hatched and one of the favourite feeding stations has become the old rusty gate at the end of the plot. From there one of the parents leaps to the air, wings beating rapidly, as flies are plucked from the air before coming back to rest on the top bar of the gate. It’s a pity that there is so much work to do in the veggie garden that my focus of attention when up with The Sage has to be the jobs in hand.

In looking up this little bird I find it has flown all the way from South Africa to make this nest, will most likely have a second brood and then will return on its migration path to Africa. Isn’t nature just dazzling.

4 thoughts on “The Eggs have Hatched

  1. Not so sure about cute myself, but a bit scrawny and featherless at this stage. Have to admire their pluckiness mind. Thanks for the time to make a comment, always appreciated. MM


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