Dizzying Heights – Traditional Style

Traditional Heights

Beams of light dance along the wooded floor.

A scene near Rathbarry, West Cork, Ireland

6 thoughts on “Dizzying Heights – Traditional Style

  1. It’s a pity the stile to Rathbarry Castle / manor house in the old church wall has been blocked off, but I still think the detour to the ruin is well worth it, despite having to retrace ones steps. MM


    1. Thanks Vicki, scarily one could hear something cracking high in the trees, the apparent result of the strong sun. Having our picnic underneath with all these noises going on overhead, and at such height, was a little disconcerting. 😱


    1. This is part of a walk by Castle Freke that takes in a long sandy beach, a lough, Castle Freke, the ruined Rathbarry Church (watch out for photos on this) and these woods. Might look to make a photo story of the walk. Hope this blog helps you to revisit the lands of your ancestors. Any suggestions just let me know. MM 🌲


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