Beach Art

Beach Art

This natural composition on the beach caught my eye yesterday. The larger stone appears to have been wrestled to the ground by the seaweed / kelp and yet the drying out by the sun has made these strands so, so brittle. I really like the texture and colour, but then that may just be me.

In looking at it I also got reminded of those packs of vegetable crisps – different colours and flavours but all crispy and with added salt (grains of sand).

2 thoughts on “Beach Art

    1. Thanks so much seabluedreaming, in part that is just what I’d like to do, get people to take a second look at what is an everyday scene. It’s nice to know that the picture has captured you, just as the scene (within a much larger scene) captured my eye.Sometimes I’m not sure whether I should comment but let people make their own minds up. And finally, well done on the award, really deserved and anyone reading this just go and visit the blog of seabluedreaming. MM


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