Rhubarb – The Reblog with Link

I am re-blogging this delicious recipe as I can now provide a direct link to the recipe page (see end of article). That’s right peeps, now I can throw in links on the pages so there will be no stopping me now. Onwards and upwards. And of course the rhubarb is really flourishing.

In a previous post I mentioned that nothing was growing in the garden due to the unseasonably cold weather. This was, however, to overlook the far corner patch of the garden plot where large green umbrella leaves provided a crowded shelter to the pinky red stalks of the rhubarb plants. At this time of the year these are nice and young and can make a wonderful desert, cake or jam, or even a drink.

With friends coming over for a long weekend I decided to take advantage of what could be plundered from the plot and make a rhubarb dessert. I had made this dish before so knew it was easy and quick to make. Belatedly I stopped to consider that  many people hate rhubarb so this fine dish and all the effort (in growing and cooking) may have been wasted. Still I was confident that rhubarb and orange was a winning combination.

I was in luck, the lady did not turn her nose up at rhubarb and, served with ice cream, it went down spectacularly well. So all that growing and cooking was well worth it and there was no hint of that metallic aftertaste you can often get with rhubarb. So, try a bit of rhubarb  at this time of year while it is tender and using this very simple recipe (I love my food but am no chef) you can make a delicious dessert. Just click this link Rhubarb Orange Cake Recipe to take it one step further.

In the photo insert I show you what was left of the dessert before the final pieces were claimed.


10 thoughts on “Rhubarb – The Reblog with Link

      1. Ok, when I click I get thorough to my link page and when I visit link I have no problem. Can you try again?

        It is actually the waitrose site and the full recipe title is Rhubarb and Orange Cake with Flaked Almonds. Full link is http://www.waitrose.com/home/recipes/recipe_directory/r/rhubarb_and_orange_cake_with_flaked_almonds.html

        Good luck and let me know how you get on as this is annoying – thought I’d mastered this link business (earlier today)


      2. hi,still no luck, but I got it from the other link, will shut down my laptop later and restart, that might fix it. will let you know. thanks for your help.


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