A Walk in the Park – Lessons Learnt

Well this really has been an interesting if somewhat wet day. Goldfinches repeatedly spotted going into a conifer, so there must be a nest in there somewhere. The bullfinch pair has returned to the bird table while the wild garlic continues to bloom in the park, under the cover of the decidious trees. It’s all going on out there and the rain is just bringing out the wonderful smell of the garlic. Love that smell. If you are anywhere near Gorey in County Wexford you have to go down to Courtown where the paths in the wood merely serve as a break in the carpet of wild garlic. Well worth a trip, but get there before the show is over.

Now I did learn a couple of things today:

  • Trying to take great close up shots of flora in gusty windy weather is not a good idea
  • Not much has been growing in the vegetable plot. Everything is so late and behind schedule
  • Ireland really can have all seasons in a single day
  • Don’t bring the dog (as he is still a puppy) if you want to take decent pictures

So just a quick snap today of a nearby park. While I myself could give many reasons to criticise the picture, it somehow still captures something (for me anyway). 🌳

A Pleasing Snap
A Pleasing Snap

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