A mixed hound, brown and white

Hound Senior

With a 5km lockdown limit, no driving and on crutches the possibilities are hardly endless. So what do you do when faced with such a dilemma?

Go back to the usual muse, that’s what you do. However, with limited movement I have to just take what I can – no bending, kneeling…….Hopefully a few snaps of The Hound can help raise a smile, though he is getting a bit more serious now that he is looking at nine human years in July.

He may have gotten a few grey hairs, likes to sleep a bit more and isn’t as wild as he once was, but he is still a mighty fine dog. I’m sure he liked to go to the beach, but like everyone else he just has to be patient too.

For all others under lockdown looking for a brightness to the day I hope that Harry Hound can provide it, his antics enrich each day from the moment we wake up to feel the tail beating against the duvet.

5 thoughts on “Hound Senior

    1. Yeah, made total sense and people were cancelling procedures due to Covid fears, while my recovery period is focused on a time when we can only travel 5km from house and even then on essential travel only. Perfect timing. All good so far👍🏼, the wife is on dog duty mind – he’s a bit big to control while on crutches 🐾🐾🤕

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    1. Not at all Dannie, I took advantage of people being afraid to enter hospitals and got my hip done. It’s amazing what they can do these days and It’s just 2 weeks since the operation. Still another 4 weeks before I can drive and unable to take Harry Hound out for proper walks. Covid has us in lockdown anyway….


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