Upturned Boat II

I liked this upturned boat and the deep blue sky so much, that I decided to include a landscape version of the scene in this blog. There is something so simple and clean about the shot that I just love.

Upturned boat at the side of an estuary against a blue sky
Upturned Boat II

But which do you prefer – the  landscape version (above) or the portrait version?

Upturned Boat
Upturned Boat

I know which one is my favourite, but I would love to get your views on this.

Have a great weekend. MM 🍀


31 thoughts on “Upturned Boat II

  1. Your right to love it John its fabulous and yes crisp and clean and it makes me want to be there on such a beautiful day. You can imagine all sorts of things that are not shown in the photo and don’t need to be, they come alive in your imagination just from the subject you have in your photo. As the French say “parfait”! 🙂


  2. Compositionally, the landscape boat image is better balanced especially because more of the boat is shown and the tighter crop brings the subject in focus. The portrait image could go towards an abstract view with a bit of playing around..it looks like a helmet with a bit of stretch of the imagination.. Depends what you are after ..you know which directions I tend to go…😄🌊

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  3. Micke- have a good weekend!
    hope all is well at your side!
    here its Cold, snow and Im in bed with a flu…..


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