Flatey Church

I am really indulging myself here by showing yet more images of the church on the island of Flatey. This time I capture the paintings on the roof inside the church as well as giving more external shots.

The mural paintings were undertaken by the Catalan painter Baltasar Samper in the 1960’s when he offered to paint the church in exchange for bed and board. I was pretty taken with them.

We only spent 24 hours on this Island, yet I have provided a number of posts so far from here. There is real magic about the place.

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend. MM πŸ€


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You can read more about Flatey here: Two Icelandics Stuck in Iceland.




27 thoughts on “Flatey Church

  1. Hey, John. My siblings and I are travelers and photographers who travel primarily throughout the US. As our roots are in Ireland & Germany, however, we are at some point going to do a world trip in two parts: northern & southern hemispheres. Takes a lot of planning so we’re not sure when. Iceland is a must because I have been captivated by your wonderful image from that awesome little county (and, of course, Ireland & the British Isles because of our roots, general interest, and your inspiring pix from your homeland). Love your blog and all of the fabulous photos!


    1. Hi there and thanks so much for the comment Debbie – now I assume the Keating bit is the Irish element here? Where a bouts is your family from in Ireland?

      Iceland is very surreal, almost like being on another planet. It maybe expensive but it is worth it. We only touched on it, but I would not recommend spending a whole load of time in Reykjavik – its the countryside that needs to be explored. If you have any queries just drop me a line directly.

      MM πŸ€πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ


      1. We don’t know from where our Keatings came in Ireland. Recently tried a search at Ellis Island in NY, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough info at the time. Like you, we rather prefer the countryside to the city (though cityscapes certainly make for nice photos too). Thanks so much for your offered assistance. We may just take you up on it as the time gets closer!


    1. That’s great. I haven’t had much choice in some ways as I have been so busy once i have been back. Was up at Cahirmee today mind, so watch out for plenty of horse shots. MM πŸ€


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