Quarry Clear Out

Well the surface has only just been scratched as the clear out of the quarry begins. In the first session someone had to go back to the shop, having filled 100 sacks. Yesterday saw the second clear up session and as we got closer to the rock face the depth of the detritus grew and the volume of glass shards multiplied with each step. Footballs, golf balls, tennis balls, a car door, TV, bicycles, pavement posts, kegs and avalanches of bottles and cans included in the items.

Below is a collection of images of some of the metal objects, many eaten by rust. Some appear to be quite old and I wonder how long they took to make? How much care and pride went into the making of each article? An indignant end achieved in a handful of minutes in a mindless act.

9 thoughts on “Quarry Clear Out

  1. Really enjoyed this unusual collection. I was attracted by the colours and the fact that it wasn’t immediately obvious what as depicted. Great stuff!


  2. Great captures Mick! I think the last one is my favorite for it’s abstract nature. Well done! You saw art in something “thrown away”. I love that!


    1. Cheers Robyn, glad you enjoyed the set. I think I like the chain on the trolley handle and the main one with the hanging leaf and rusted metal work.Really appreciate you taking the time to comment. MM ๐Ÿ€


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