Fish Eye

Well that is about all that is left now the otter has its jaws wrapped around this fish. I just love the otter, but am afraid have yet to be fortunate enough to see one in the wild. On hearing the day’s forecast was pretty grey but might lighten up later, we headed straight for the Tamar Otter Sanctuary in Cornwall, near Launceston. What a great find, excellent value for money and a very informative guide. Highly recommend.

Otter's Supper
Otter’s Supper

11 thoughts on “Fish Eye

    1. Thanks, no doubt you have plenty of these creatures over your way? While I am at it thanks for the follow and anyone reading this, please go and check out the site of NW Frame of Mind. After you have put a follow on me obviously πŸ˜‰. MM πŸ€


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